The President Marc Ravalomanana promised that the situation will be resolved very soon.

The RNM and TVM stations, starting from January 29th, 2009, can transmit  again throughout Madagascar.

The Ministry of Economy has helped the burnt or/and robbed companies to pay the salary of January of all their employees. The given amount was 250,000 MGA per person.

The Ministry of Education called every school, teacher and student to be back to restart classes from today.

The General Pily invited all civil servants to be back to work as well. The force army announced that they will care about the security.

Despite the TGV protest which still went on this moring, it seems like people were back to daily life again.

Along the street from my home to my office, I could notice students in their uniform and with their school bags joining their classes.

In Antaninarenina today, banks and post offices were open. Street sellers and Taxi phones joined their usual place. Newspaper sellers made comings and goings. Only jeweleries shops were closed.

In Analakely, shops were open. Street sellers were back and blocking the sidewalks.

In the evening, the way back home, we could feel this “old” atmosphere of boring traffic jam.

People’s discussion are around this TGV protest, Andry Rajoelina proclamation, where to buy oil, price of rice, … Many do not believe that the pro TGV will achieve their goal: getting the gov. Some others worry about the situation. Some believe that Andry Rajoelina will bring changes. Ravalomanana followers are convinced that the current gov will remain strong.