Let me remind you what happened on Monday, January 26th, 2009.

Andry Rajoelina led “his people” to the Palace of Justice at Anosy where some of those strikers threw stones to RNM/TVM station. But, according to the Mayor, he and his followers kept on their way and went to CENAM. Since ” his people” shouted “MBS…MBS…MBS”, this is what Andry TGV replied:

“Tsofy rano aho andeha fa tsy ho any amin’ny MBS mba tsy isian’ny hoe ny Ben’ny Tanàna no nitondra anareo any. Fa satria izay angatahan’ny vahoaka no atao dia tsofy rano aho andeha ary tsofiko rano ianareo ho any”.

[free translation] “Let me leave you and not go to MBS so noone can say that the Mayor brought you there.Because we do whatever the people want, let me leave you but I let you go there (to MBS)”

This reply was a BIG, BIG, and BIG MISTAKE.

In a Mayor’s interview on Radio Antsiva (see previous post Tana on a strike: January 27th, 2009), he said:

We (the Mayor and his followers) are Pacifists. We want Peace. That’s why we wear orange, colour of Pacifism. (In fact, orange is colour of Democracy)

When you are PACIFIST, you are against any kind of violence. Andry Rajoelina exactely knew that his followers wanted to attack and to destroy MBS but, as a leader, what did he do? or should I say what didn’t he do? Andry Rajoelina did not even try to convince “his people” not to go to MBS because of the “Pacifism” he always mentions. Instead, he “blessed” his followers to go to (and to destroy) MBS.

Let me remind you the following of this story. There were gendarmes at MBS, protecting this propriety. Well, foreigner gendarmes or mercenaries said the Mayor. (I don’t know because I was not there). Two young people among the crowd were shot by those agents. Reaction of Andry Rajoelina?

I would not meet the President until the gendarmes who shot the young guy at MBS will be judged. (one of the conditions)

And he even kept on with “Arresting Roland Ratsiraka or Dolin shouldn’t be the matter but condemning the “real” criminal who is this gendarm who killed the young guy of 18″

(Well, there were two young guys who died in this MBS story but, I guess, only one family agreed to use the death of their son, brother as a “hero” for having fought for the country’s delivery from, what do they call?,… “autocraty”).

This decison was another BIG, BIG, and BIG MISTAKE.

Firstly, we should all know that everyone has the right to protect their propriety, right? By coming in the zone of MBS, these young guys and the crowd were wrong. The agents shot in the air first to prevent those strikers to continue their goal but… they did not care, they kept on. The shots were gone and … you know what heppened.

Secondly, by accepting that this young guy (we will use only one as I said) was killed during the protest led by the Mayor, Andry Rajoelina totally agreed that the responsible of the destruction of MBS is TGV followers. Though, he completely denied the other attacks and robberies. I am sorry, but it is normal if people are confused.