Interview of the Mayor of Tana, Andry Rajoelina, on Radio Antsiva (8.30 to 9 a.m.)

The Mayor of Antananarivo, Andry Rajoelina

The Mayor of Antananarivo, Andry Rajoelina

The President Marc Ravalomanana agreed to meet and to discuss with Andry Rajoelina. This is an answer to his prayer said the Mayor. Though, Andry Rajoelina

would  not  meet  the President until the gendarmes who shot the young  guy  at  MBS  will  be  judged ;

and until the foreigner gendarmes “Mercenaries ” quit Madagascar.

The Mayor decided to stop the strike on The Place du 13 Mai for today. Instead, he invites all strikers to stay home.

The Mayor  promised  to  meet investors today to find a solution to all of these damages.

The strike is not over. But Andry TGV reminds people (well, his followers) to stay calm, to “fight” in peace.

Andry Rajoelina  condemns the act of terrorism that happened yesterday. At the same time, he denied those acts as his responsibility saying that “his people” could not do those attacks and robberies downtown.

Andry Rajoelina is asking the force army and the police corps to take their responsibility. If they don’t do anything, the Mayor of Tana will negotiate with them tomorrow and find out what to do.

The sad thing  in this story, kept on the Mayor, is that no authority, no force army,  no  gendarmes,  no policemen reacted against the terrorism of yesterday.  Why didn’t the gov order them to protect the citizens? “There is no gov now”, he continued.

Andry TGV explained what He and “His People” did yesterday. They walked to the Palace of Justice in Anosy in order to claim the release of

3  students  (3  not  4  as  I  said yesterday  in  Tana  on a strike: January26th, 2009). TGV said that those students were witness of some “high people”  who

hired some other groups of people to use the cocktail Molotov one week ago. So those students have nothing to do with this story.

Then, there were few people who threw stones to RNM and TVM stations in Anosy. TGV followers waved their hands to stop the violence. Andry TGV said they have pictures to prove this.

They continued to CENAM while those few people kept on destroying then burning RNM and TVM stations.

As soon as they arrived at CENAM, people shouted MBS… MBS… MBS…, so the Mayor said:  “Tsofy rano aho andeha fa tsy ho any amin’ny MBS fa raha misy manam-pikasana andeha  ho  any dia tsofiko rano ianareo anao izay tianareo atao”.

(Dear People, I will not go to MBS so, please, let me go. But if some of you are willing to go there, you can do whatever you want to do).

So some people went to MBS in Anosipatrana when some other followed the Mayor to the Place du 13 Mai. “Gaga  aho raha nahazo fiantsoana an-taroby milaza fa efa misy

andian’olona miandry  any amin’ny Hotel 5 Etoiles sy MAGRO Tanjombato. (I was astonished when  I received phone calls informing me that there were already groups of people waiting at Hotel 5 Etoiles (in Ivato) and at MAGRO

Tanjombato), said Andry  Rajoelina.  “How could this be possible”, he kept on, “while the strikers were at MBS?”

As the Police didn’t react, we, the Mayor and his troupe, have sent around 20 people to try to stop the vandalism.

“Ny  tanako  dia  madio.  Tsy nibaiko ary tsy nanome baiko, ary fantatry ny vahoaka  izay,  amin’izao  fandrobana  izao”.  (My hands are clean. I never ordered anyone to do such acts; and people know it).

We, the Mayor and his followers, are Pacifists. We want Peace. That’s why we wear orange, colour of Pacifism.

News Round up:

–     The water is not poisoned confirmed Radio Antsiva and people from JIRAMA this morning.

–     Prison of Antanimora had been attacked but no prisoners could escape.



(pic from r1lita‘s blog)

–     Bao Lai and NAZA Electronic shops were robbed as well, late at night, yesterday. Same thing happened to COURTS in 67Ha.

–     13 people died at MAGRO Tanjombato. Those people were among the robbers. Their death was caused by gas explosion, hot oil, or bags of 50 kilos of rice falling on them.

–     No gas station open. Only few buses and cabs still work in town.

MaTV, RTA and TV PLUS transmit again

MaFM, VIVA radio, Radio Mada, RTA work again.

–    The robberies kept on today. The gendarmes started to work and are trying to handle the  situation.

–    The strike is general. In Diégo, Majunga, Tamatave, Antsirabe, there were riots and robberies as well.

The President Marc Ravalomanana on Radio Antsiva at 1.40 p.m.

The President Marc Ravalomanana

The President Marc Ravalomanana

He waited for the Mayor since 12 noon but Andry Rajoelina didn’t come. The President is still willing the meeting between the 2 of them.

He promised Malagasy citizens that He is doing all his best to bring everything back to normal.

He promised that robberies and strikes will stop very soon.

He invited all people to be wise and stop these violence and robbery.

He insisted on the fact that afterall WE all love Antananarivo and discussion is a good way to find out together an appropriate solution.

He taught people that there is no benefit on destroying other’s property. It will take years to set up those things which had been destroyed in a half day.

Foreigner investors who were willing to co-operate with Madagascar are now afraid due to the current situation and changed their mind.

He encourages all the people who had their houses, shops, companies destroyed.

He also thanked all “friends” who relate what “really” happen here in Madagascar. They are helpful, He said. (Did he mean Bloggers?)

May the Lord God bless us. We have always trusted Him.