Dear President, we are always with you

Dear President, we are always with you


The President Marc Ravalomanana came back from south Afrika, yesterday. Early in the morning, Malagasy people, well… The President followers were invited to come and great the President arrival through a message down the screen of MBS TV.

Millions of people replied to the invitation and had waited along the streets from Ivato to Ambohitsirohatra passing by Ambohibao, Talatamaty, Ambohimanarina, Ankazomanga, 67Ha, Antanimena, Analakely. Many of the people came with streamers saying We still love Ravalomanana or Srike=NO…

The President’s airplane landed at Ivato at 4.30p.m. It was already 8.00p.m. when he passed by Ankazomanga. It was already late but people waited.


MBS TV and Radio were around animating people while waiting.

Obviously, many followers of the Mayor were also among those people especially in Ankazomanga and in 67Ha. And news said they made a mess destroying cars passing by.