Early this morning, at 2.55 a.m., the force army cut the transmitter of VIVA Radio despite the TGV followers who stayed the whole night around Ambohimitsimbina to protect it.

When I switched on the TV this morning, I was estonished when TVM (the National TV) didn’t work. The transmitter had been cut as well but we don’t know how or by who.

The Mayor’s followers have met at 10.00 a.m. at the Independance Avenue as planned on Saturday (see previous article Tana on a strike: January, 24th, 2009).

Blockings in Ambodivona

Blockings in Ambodivona

(pic from The Cyber Observer‘s blog)

At 7.30 a.m., it was already impossible to penetrate Analakely. Those strikers have placed blockings (not only downtown but in several neighborhoods in Tana such as Ambodivona, Ambanidia… )

TVM/RNM at Anosy

TVM/RNM at Anosy

(pic from r1lita‘s blog)

This strike has contributed in a lot of damages in town: TVM (the National TV) and RNM (the national Radio) were burnt, Magro (Ravalomanana’s shops) in Behoririka, Ankorondrano and Tanjombato were burnt as well, same thing with the President’s radio and TV stations MBS and several private radio stations, no TV station can transmit, two people were killed by the gendarms, COURTS, JUMBO SCORE and ZOOM (those are shops) were robbed. Recently, we heard from Antsiva Radio that Suprême Center and CITIC (those are shops… again) in Behoririka have been robbed as well. Antsiva radio also announced that the prison of Antanimora had been broken.

Almost all offices, schools and shops downtown were closed today, not to go on a strike but taking precautions for their own security.

Due to this strike and all those destructions, families queued at the shops (out of town) to buy basic foods (rice, oil, salt, sugar, soaps, candles, matches, charcoal… – just in case).

This morning, around 11.00 a.m. those strikers walked together to the Palace of Justice in Anosy. They claimed the release of 4 students of Ankatso who were arrested yesterday. Those 4 students are suspected by the police of the use of cocktail molotov (in Nanisana and Befelatanana). Many of the students in Ankatso believe that the police are mistaken and want the justice to let their friends go.

Very last news: a group of people have poisoned the water of Mandroseza witch the JIRAMA uses to provide Antananarivo.

I’m worried… How far will this go?