This is not the movie. This is what happened yesterday at the Prison of Tsiafahy, in the south of Antananarivo.  Yes, yesterday at 2.30a.m., 21 prisonners run away from this prison. 5 were already caught by the police but until now, 16 criminals are somewhere free around us. In fact, there were 22 but 1 of them was directly shoot.

They have planned this escape several weeks before and yesterday was the D Day. They made a big hole , a kind of tunnel under the ground, to get out of the jail.

The President Marc Ravalomanana and the Minister of Justice, Bakolalao Ramanandraibe have asked the Malagasy citizens to co-work with the police. In case we meet strangers and suspicious people wandering in our area, we are invited to inform the police.

The amazing thing in this story is, only few weeks ago, prisonners of Antanimora and of Moramanga escaped. And now, prisonners of Tsiafahy. People are frightened (yes I am) because those prisonners of Tsiafahy are very dangerous ones, only “Big” criminals.

But how such escape could happen? Didn’t the jailers check the presence list before closing each room of the prison at the evening? Didn’t they make a round every hour, for instance, to make sure that everything was ok? What did they do during that night?