Last saturday, some friends and I passed by EPP Soarano (EPP= Public Primary School) and we were attracted by this streamer of Medical International. So we went in to ask what was going on there.


It was a special day for helping people to know their blood-pressure (for free). My Mom has this problem so I was really interested in the bracelet to measure blood-pressure. It costed MGA 77,000.


Since it was free, I came into the room to see a doctor. A very nice lady invited me to come to her. She was filling a form while asking my name, my adress, my age, if I smoke or not (huh… no), if I’m used to alcoholic drinks or not (is beer included in it?) , if I practice sports or not (once a week… geee). Then, she gave me the form and advised me to see another doctor to measure my blood-pressure.


There were a few doctors in the room and I went to the one on the pic below. She looked nice, too (and she was). My blood-pressure is normal (cooooool).

Blood-pressure problem can happen to everyone: poor/rich, urban/rural people, …  So, she advised me to avoid cigarettes, alcoholic drink, fat meet. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables everyday, and practicing sports (walking on foot to go back home after work, for example, she said… grrr) are the right things to do.

Take care, guys. 😉