You have to do a phone call but you do not have your cell phone or maybe, you do not have airtime or you just want a cheaper call cost, you need a “Taxi Phone”.

Reader: “OK… OK… but what the hell is that “Taxi phone”?

ariniaina: “Hold on buddy, I’m about to say it” 😉

You can meet them everywhere in Tana. And when I say everywhere, it is true ‘cuz you can find some on a alley or on each street corner. You will not miss them, they use a big umbrella and fluoressant banners.

A “Taxi Phone” is a place where you can phone cheaper. One minute call costs 200 Ariary ( around 0,10 EUR) when it is 438 to 720 Ariary if you use your cell phone. They also sell airtime cards. By the way, we have three telecommunication providers here in Madagascar: TELMA (TELecom MAlagasy), ZAIN and ORANGE.

When my cousin (living in France) came here on August, she was estonished no , amazed seeing them. And I thought, it could be a good idea to talk about them in my blog. 😉