I guess, many of us were already excited to know what was the surprise that the Commune Urbaine d’Antananarivo (CUA) had prepared for us, behind the fence of Masay Marshall. This is the place where we used to do our jogging before and a place where cars for sale were exhibited. And now, it becomes a very nice park for families, friends, children to hang out.

Saturday afternoon, they took off the fence and we could already see a very nice garden. And yesterday (Sunday, November 9th, 2008), it was the official opening ceremony. A lot of people from the surrounding areas did not miss the opportunity to be the first visitors of the new park.

This project is the result of a cooperation between the CUA and the L’Ile de France.

 Some people already found a “business” to run in the new park. I could meet photographers, koba sellers, candies and biscuits sellers…



I was glad to see some trash bins and was happier  that the visitors used them.