This is the result of the investigation led by CAPSULE Agency (+261 33 11 670 20). They asked the opinion of 444 people over 18, living in Antananarivo, if they believed that Malagasy people have got involved in learning and practicing English language.

As we can read on the graphic below, 87% of the people answered YES. Yes, people are ready to learn and to improve their English. YES, English is part of evolution. YES, they believe that English is needed to face the so called globalization. And this is not the only reason. As many international companies have established here in Madagascar, most of the work positions now require a fluent English. English Language is even taught in primary school…

We can already feel the change. Let me just enumerate the English media we now have in Madagascar: English Corner in Midi Madagasikara (a cooperation with ICE Club), Tribune Issues in Madagascar Tribune, Mada English Journal, Sounds Like Theater on Radio Mada FM100.8 (an ICE Club production), Move and Win on Feon’Imerina Radio FM101.6 (another ICE Club production), Teen Talk Show (a cooperation with the US Embassy and the Peace Corps) on TVM, a web site (…

If few years ago, we had nothing but Malagasy and French, now we have English and even Chinese (CCTV) radio and TV broadcasts. We can follow BBC, Deutche Welle news. We also can tune on BBC and VOA. And we will have CNN soon.

YES, Malagasy people want, need, like, learn, practice… ENGLISH.