Madagascar will host the 11th summit of the African Union (2009). This will be another challenge for us Malagasy.


The President Marc Ravalomanana, yesterday, during his weekly talk on TVM (the National TV), asked a cooperation with all  Malagasy citizens in order to show to all that we are able to realize great things.


Though, many of us (Malagasy) wonder if we could have an excuse and escaped this hosting. Many believe that organizing such international event is not a priority for our country. Will we spend a lot of money again in order to quickly repair the roads, creating new decorations for the City (trying to hide our poverty)… just like the Island Games? Will the suppliers and organizers be right away paid this time?


Well, for the Island Games, sponsoring and financial help were not an obligation but the decision to help depended on each country. This time, Madagascar will not spend much because the Union will be in charge of all the expenses.


A benefit we can get from it: the world will be concentrated on us during this event. If we manage to impress them, tourists, investors may be interested in our country.


Starting from now hotels and guest houses are doing their best to get ready for the D Day, wanting to offer the best service quality (comfortable rooms, internet connection, International TV channels…). For those who are interested in creating new hotels, this summit can be a good occasion to start because the rooms we now have are not enough for the 5,000 guests who will land here and attend the summit.