I think that the gov should have reacted since December (during Christmas and New Year festivities) when those sellers started to settle the sidewalks of the city. Now, it becomes hard for them to handle out this problem of sellers blocking the streets.

If you are on the side of the gov, you will understand that such activities are not allowed. So now the “Commune Urbaine d’Antananarivo” has warmed those sellers that within few days they will be obliged to enforce the law and punish those “street sellers”. Some guys from the Fivondronana already started again the “hide and seek” party with those “outlaws”. This is how it is going on. The sellers come with the goods they are going to sell in a big bag (sobika). If someone notices the Fivondronana’s truck, they quickly grab this bag and run away. After a while, they will be back when the Fivondronana will be away.


If you are on the side of the sellers, you will understand that this is their job, their source of income because those men and women have their families to feed and their bills to pay.


If you are on the side of the customers, you will agree with those “street sellers” because you have the opportunity to do your shopping on the way back home just after work.


If you are on the side of a simple pedestrian, you will be upset because you will have to go on the streets since the sidewalks are blocked.


If you are a car driver, you will be completely mad because of the heavy traffic that this “business” brings.


Well, if you are a simple reader and have never met those “street sellers” of Antananarivo (Behoririka, Analakely, Mahamasina, Anosy, 67Ha…), you may find this story funny.