Long time ago, it was a shame to have things made in Madagascar. I’ll admit that at that time, the « Vita Gasy » got easily spoiled. Anyway, it is normal that people always prefer things that are from abroad. American people want a pair of Adidas sneakers when French people will choose Nike  ones. We, Malagasy people want both of them. lol Or even more, now, that Chinese products have invaded the market of Behoririka, we wear Chinese clothes.


Before, you appeared to be poor to people when you use Malagasy items. No, you even appeared not to be “normal”.


I am glad when I noticed that things have changed. Nowadays, people feel proud to be Malagasy and like wearing Malagasy clothes, bags, sandals, bracelets… And it is so nice to meet people on the streets wearing T-shirt with Malagasy “themes” such as Gasy ka manja (pretty Malagasy), I love Mada, Mada Gasy k’Art, Gasy milay (Gasy cool) …


This change does not concern only Malagasy wear. My lovely Grandma, for instance, has a very nice pair of armchairs and a sofa, all made with bamboo. Wonderful! The soap I use is Nofy Vanilla of Savonnerie Tropicale. My family uses the Mampiada maso TV aerial. Homeopharma has produced shampoo, soaps, medicines… We have foods as well: yogurt, oil, biscuits, beer…


Unfortunately, there are still products which are not that “good” such as Malagasy movies. But I believe they are on the way to improve.


I wonder when we will get a new version of Karenjy or other cars Made in Madagascar.





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