I have never liked thriller movies where there are a lot of killings. I should know that all of those terrific and horrible acts are just directions; but the making of is just so well done that I still feel the shock real.


Sad things or shocking things (I cannot decide which word is more appropriate) happen nowadays. We can hear, from all the media, crimes that you could never believe can be real. A taxi driver found dead in a well; the car had been stolen. A sliced body discovered on top of stairs of Ankadivato (who did not sigh hearing about Michaela’s murder?). Not later than 2 weeks, a 6 years old girl had been raped then killed by her stepfather. An old couple had been strangled in their house (this couple was a colleague’s parents). A very young DJ and his girlfriend killed by their close friend (more disgusting, some girls were implicated in these murders). How many newborn babies had been discovered dead in plastic bags or in canals? … Two close friends lost their temper, started to fight between them and died from stabs. A husband came home drunk, beat up his wife who died from that. Hold on, the story is not finished; the neighbors who wanted to make justice, killed the husband.  A nephew brought some bandits and killed his uncle in order to steel the gold this last had in his luggage. An old lady staid alone home with the maid. This last beat her with a big stick and left with some valuables. Fortunately, the old lady could receive care on time and was saved.


I know I have forgotten to relate some more horrible crimes. I am so sorry dear readers but I cannot keep on. I feel my stomach heavy. I have a terrible headache. I feel sad and frightened at the same time because I really do not feel safe. It seems like everywhere, anytime, for any reason, anyone can kill me or one of my family or one of my friends or maybe one of my colleagues or one of my neighbors. It seems like I can not stop hearing in my mind the terrifying music they play in movies when horrible thing will happen.


Those crimes everywhere, are they effect of movies? Or media (relating the crimes in details and then give the ideas to psychopaths)? Or maybe the result of life which goes harder and harder? Or poverty? Or jealousy? or envy? Or just evolution?(who knows?)