Every morning, on my way to work, I pass by a little Mofogasy shop in my neighborhood. And everyday, I can notice a lot of people surrounding the shop waiting for their turn. Many of them are workers taking their breakfast before going to their office. Why do they  take their breakfast at Ragilady’s (the name of the shop)?  

One morning, I stopped at the shop and talked to some regular customers and here are their answers.  

Solofo said: “I am always in a hurry in the morning so I cannot  prepare my breakfast.” 

Aline said:” My husband and my children enjoy Ragilady’s mofogasy so now the whole family have some for breakfast every morning.” 

Fetra said: “I do not like my Mum’s coffee so I prefer to come here. lol ” 

Ticia said: “ I have tried mofogasy from different sellers, but Ragilady’s are different. The mofo are tasty here and the owner of the shop is really nice to people.” 

On that morning, I decided to buy some and brought them to my  office. I regret because now, all of my colleagues want me to buy mofogasy from Ragilady’s everyday. J 

If you plan to ask the menu, they do not have it. You can read what they have on a little board hanged up on the wall:

Kafe tsotra  100Ar* (Coffee)

Kafe sy ronono  150 Ar(Coffee + milk)

Dite tsotra   60 Ar (Tea)

Dite sy ronono  100 Ar (Tea + milk)

Mofo gasy   70 Ar (Malagasy flitter)

Ramanonaka  70 Ar (Malagasy flitter)

Menakely   100 Ar (Malagasy flitter)

Ramanonaka  100 Ar (Malagasy flitter)


It is not a restaurant nor a snack, the Mofogasy shop is a little house where you stand outside to buy and to eat your mofo (flitter or bread) and drink your coffee or tea. 

If one day, you pass by Analamahitsy  (my neighborhood), try the mofogasy at Ragilady’s. Be aware, you may become addicted to them. J 


* Kaly is a slang used for Sakafo which means food.

* Maraina means morning.

* Ariary (Ar) is the currency of Madagascar.