Starting late, finishing early, and making a lot of money. Combining those 3 factors forms our ideal motivation to work. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will ever happen (Maybe for only a few lucky people).

I can admit that I’m not satisfied with my job.

At the end of the day I always feel too tired. Needless to say, it’s caused by colleagues who don’t do their part of the job well or because of the boss who chooses to say hurtful words just in order to remind you of who s/he is.

It becomes harder and harder to get up in the morning and do the same usual stuff. But guess what? I always feel happy when Friday arrives (T.G.I.F. Thanks God It’s Friday) and to know that I will be free for 2 (really short) days.

I’m not married. Yet, I calculate all the expenses I make and discover that I can’t save much (close to nothing) at the end of the month. (I must find a rich husband if I plan to get a cute villa and a nice car :-)). F.S. (Frankly Speaking), I sympathize with those people who find life extremely hard.

Therefore, since it is hard nowadays to get a job, trying to find good reasons to keep a job and to fulfill your tasks are better solutions than quitting.

Young people just receiving their diplomas are numerous. They accept to work for a low salary because they know they don’t have experience. They are more dynamic than we (experience workers) are and they have a better chance of getting the position we deserve. So giving up is not a great solution.

In this article, I will share with you some motivational tips for work. I’ve gathered them from my family (who encourages me every day), some friends and from a teacher. They worked for me and hope they will help you too.

1- First of all, you have to learn to love your job. Most of the time, we don’t get our dream jobs and say things like: “I never thought I would be a taxi driver, a banker, or a journalist…”. But we should consider all the little features that make our jobs interesting. For example, I like the mood at my office because most of my colleagues are the same age as me and that creates a great atmosphere.

2- Arrange your office the way you like it so you can get familiar with the place you will be working in 5 days a week; then you can feel at ease. You can bring your own pens, you can place a picture of your family on your desk, you can have a proverb on the wall, or why not some nice flowers. Those are just examples. But try to ask your supervisor or boss before doing so in case it is forbidden by your internal rules.

3- Stop thinking of your work once you’re out of your office. Don’t talk about it. You already spend about 40 hours a week dedicated to your job; it is fair to think about other things that also concern your life. When you don’t work, take time to smell the coffee. Go and have fun with some friends. Share moments with your family.

4- Nobody is perfect and we can make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. It is not the end of the word. Do your best to avoid repeating them again.

5- Challenge yourself and try to break your own record. Don’t wait for the boss to look at you. Do it for yourself. Don’t even look at the other colleagues. It will always help you sooner or later.

6- Reward yourself when you’ve reached great goals. Buy something you like. This is the gift of working people. You deserve it. You worked for it.

7- Think of those people who are jobless; be happy because you are working. Be happy that because of your job you have a home, you can buy food every day, and you can buy new clothes from time to time. Be happy with every little thing you have earned out of your pocket.

Good luck folks.