Last Monday, I visited the “Atelier Saturne” at Tsiazotafo. Mihary, a responsible of the atelier, kindly accepted to talk about the product they sell: “Mampiada-maso” (eyes comfort).

“Mampiada-maso” is the name of television aerial Made In Madagascar. All the raw materials for this antenna are found and produced in Madagascar. Its inventor and manufacturer is Malagasy. Mampiada-maso is a 100% Malagasy product.

The prototype of this Malagasy antenna was created in 1997 by a
certain Veterinarian called Ravalomanana (We talk here about another person than the President). Fed up of the bad image intercepted by his TV set and not satisfied with all the antennas he already bought, he decided to fix his own. And it was a real success.

His friends and some of his family members were impressed and were under the spell because of the good interception of this marvel. One by one, these people begged Ravalomanana for fixing the same pattern for them.

By word of mouth, other people heard about this special TV aerial and wanted it too. So starting from 2000-2001, Atelier Saturne produced the Mampiada-maso antennas and started to market them.

The quality of the image interception of this antenna is exceptionally great (I can assure it because I already bought one). And you can get one only for Ar5, 000. [It is very cheap in comparison with the price of imported antennas for the same result -or let us even say a better result]

80% of the customers were all satisfied of the result. Only a few
people complained. But Mihary stressed on the fact that, in order to get the wished interception, make sure that you use a new cable (of 75ohm).

To fix this antenna is very easy. However, if you feel that you need
help, someone from the atelier will come to your place and will do it for you.

Many Malagasy people and some foreigners are interested in this
antenna. The atelier of Mihary can sell up to 80 samples a week. This number increases during big events (World Cup, Pazzapa, Euro…)

Please, watch out, some “pirates” are trying to sell fake copies of
Mampiada-maso. You better buy your antenna only at the shops approved by the Atelier Saturne of Ivato and Tsiazotafo such us Espatel IMM in 67Ha, Atelier Neptune at Soarano and ANTEL at Sabotsy Namehana. Some shops also sell it in the provinces.

You did not get your Mampiada-maso antenna yet? Run to the Atelier Saturne at Tsiazotafo, a young and very nice guy will be pleased to receive you. And you know what? This article is not an add.