Everyday, millions of people use the street.

Early in the morning, you can see people jogging (Run Forrest, run…). Some of them are athletes. Many are students who are preparing their sports exam at the end of the school year. At the same time you can find other kinds of people. They are wrapped up in their blankets or they are pushing a cart full of vegetables
that they are going to sell later at the market.

You can see the farmers displaying their products on the ground. Women (and why not men) will be glad to buy them because they are new, fresh and cheap.

A few minutes before 8.00 a.m., the streets become crowded. Adults are going to work. Kids are going to school. Those who live near their office or their school travel by foot. Those who do not take either a bus or a cab (taxi) and the others are either in their cars or on their bikes or motorcycles. You can already feel the start of traffic jams.

If you are on vacation, you are lucky. You can go downtown and go window-shopping or if you can afford it you buy interesting clothes or tools you see in those nice shops all the along the streets.

Suddenly, you notice lots of people making a circle. You think there must be an accident. You come nearer to se what’s going on. In the middle of the circle, there is a man almost nude (he is wearing only a little pair of shorts). He marks out lots of lines or drawings on the ground. He tells something about life, the future or the meaning of dreams. He must be a fortune teller. Sometimes you can see people from different churches preaching the Gospel.

You are downtown. You are in a hurry; you need a restroom. Some people (especially men) are used to do their needs on the corner of the streets (“Shame!”). If you can just hold your horses for a little while, maybe you can make it in time to the public restroom where you pay only Ar20 to rent a toilet.

You are hungry or thirsty and decide that you need some food. After eating your biscuits and yoghurt; please do not throw your trash all around the sidewalk. Do not forget the streets are ours. If we do not keep them clean, we are all not clean. Okay, there are not many garbage cans around but you can keep a little plastic bag in your bag to put your trash in and throw it away once you arrive at home.

At noon, it’s not possible for some people to enjoy a nice lunch at home. They do not have enough time because of their activities. But they can go to the restaurants or buy food on the corner of the street where some sellers put pots on a table and propose different meals. Unfortunately for the latter, the customer will have to stand to finish their plate. People say that the food at these stands is cheap and tasty. (I do not know about their hygiene).

Nowadays, there are so many car-foods everywhere, so you can also buy you meals there – they look healthier than the previous choice.

In the evening, the buses are always crowded. If you decide to walk on foot for a while; you can pass by sellers all along the sidewalks. I am amazed to see all the products they are trying to sell. You can find so many different things (clothes, bags, shoes, plates, vegetables, fruits, brushing…). You should admit that these street sellers are helpful when you need to do your shopping. Do not say that to the “Fivondronana”. They do not share the same opinion. Anyway the “Fivondronana” may be right. These sellers should pay taxes and should not block the sidewalks.

When the sun goes down, most of the people have already arrived at their homes and are preparing diner, watching TV or sleeping. Homeless people put up their little plastic or cardboard homes on the sidewalks, under bridges and verandas. They are preparing the night there. Some drunken men have no more strength to reach home, fall down and sleep on the sidewalk too. Burglars are preparing their attacks. Witches are dancing nude near tombs. From my bed, I can hear cars speeding down the streets. Young people are having wild car races.

We may not have thought about it but a lot of things happen all along the street.